There’s a loud corner of Reddit where millennials look to get rich or die tryin’

There’s a loud corner of Reddit where millennials look to get rich or die tryin’

Rinaudo enabled a bot that let his viewers submit videos if they made a cash donation and went to bed. On the top right of the screen, the clips played on, while most of the display was taken up by Rinaudo resting on his back or side. The newest trend in Twitch streaming is literally sleeping. Over the last few weeks, streamers have been training their cameras on their mattresses as they doze off. It was six in the morning, and, for hours, she had been broadcasting herself softly scratching and whispering into her microphone for an ASMR stream with cozy piano music. She then hit play on some ambient rain noises and went to bed.

33 Guys Describe The Moment They Realized The Girl They Were Dating Was An Idiot

It’s no secret that AMD is experiencing a surge in both popularity and sales, but we’ve just seen some analysis that really puts AMD’s recent victories into perspective. According to this data, AMD has been beating Intel in the amount of processors sold since the tail end of , but that didn’t exactly result in AMD collecting more cash. This is probably because Intel charges much more for its processors on average.

33 Guys Describe The Moment They Realized The Girl They Were Dating Was An Idiot. By Lorenzo Twentycom. Found on AskReddit.

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. According to the post, a guy who goes by the username ThrowAwayForPancakes, overhead a girl being threatened by her date at a restaurant. Apparently, he was being a complete douchebag and saying some pretty disturbing things, so ThrowAwayForPancakes decided to step in. But just as he was about to get up and intervene, he was stopped by an older man, and the whole situation took an unexpected twist.

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9 of the Craziest Reddit r/Relationships Stories

By Siofra Brennan For Mailonline. In the early days of a relationshp when you’re still learning about the other person, one faux pas can be extremely revealing. From claiming Paris is not France, to a man shooting himself in the leg on two separate occasions people have revealed the most foolish thing a former partner has ever said or done.

One Reddit user said that it was his girlfriend’s irresponsibility with money I’ve got dumb hobbies and often buy lunch but I’ve got $$$ going to.

Subscriber Account active since. There are certain things, like putting lids on blenders and knowing how to use a broom, that are little more than basic common sense. In fact, everyone learns these things pretty much as soon as they come out of the womb. On a Reddit thread, someone asked people to share the basic life skills their partners somehow never learned before they started dating — and some of the answers were pretty astounding. INSIDER was unable to independently verify all of these stories, but you’ll definitely have a good laugh as you scroll through them.

She said her mother wouldn’t let her learn because she was afraid of her drowning. Not like lazy, but literally has never handled a broom before and doesn’t have the motor memory for a sweeping motion. I actually kind of have to work hard not to laugh as its adorably watching a grown human being handling a broom like a toddler.

People reveal the moment they realised they were dating ‘an idiot’ with hilarious results

Having a crush can be a beautiful thing – if they like you back. But if the object of your affection doesn’t return the love, you can be left with crushing disappointment, a blow to your ego, and possible heartbreak. Rejection is a difficult, albeit inevitable pill to swallow in life, but especially when it comes to dating. The trick is to know when you’ve been served that pill and how to walk away gracefully.

Here’s Reddit’s Best Dating Advice For Single People. By Zachary Brenner. Updated 2 years ago Ugh, I’m such an idiot.

In one corner of the Internet, though, praise rained down. It is a near-perfect embodiment of the YOLO spirit: Highly volatile, it uses a combination of derivatives and debt to amplify bets on oil, creating opportunities for quick profits. But WallStreetBets is lively, engaged and growing. If the Investing subreddit is a mild-mannered financial adviser who advocates diversification and dividend stocks, WallStreetBets personifies a foul-mouthed, risk-taking day trader.

He got rich. He currently faces seven counts of securities fraud and conspiracy in connection to previous work at a hedge fund, and he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. The joke is we are all aspiring millionaires.

16 People Confess The Moment They Knew They Were Dating Someone Stupid

Redditors share how they’re coping with the coronavirus pandemic. We want to hear from you! Tell us about your experience dealing with the pandemic: How are you coping? What challenges do you face? What are your moments of joy?

30+ Times People Stopped And Realized ‘Wow, I’m Dating A Complete Idiot’ discussion “Reddit, At what moment did you realize you were dating an idiot?”.

Wife got the flu. Thew up at the reception. Took NyQuil and passed out. Spent wedding night watching late night TV. I got food poisoning at mine and spent the night curled up on the bathroom floor while my husband watched football. You guys could form a club. My dad fell asleep while he and my mom were on a date seeing the king. And I live with Yule Brenner. We immediately left the wedding and drove ten hours on our way to New Orleans for our honey moon.

Here Are The 20 Best Boredom-Busting Subreddits to Follow

Last week, we welled up after reading a Reddit thread where thousands of people from around the world posted their endearing honest outpourings about the realities of getting older. However, a recent thread titled ‘Guys, what do girls do that they think is “being cute”, but in reality is the furthest thing from it?

Like, really damn hard. In just six days, the post has received over 14, comments with men responding with a plethora of answers and they’re as predictable as you could imagine. A lot of the men said they were most annoyed about their girlfriends stealing their clothes, with one commenting: ‘Dude you’ve got like 12 of my shirts, are you building a nest? Others had beef with girls acting stupid on purpose to appear ‘cute and funny’ and using baby voices.

when you realize you’re dating a complete and total idiot? Well, according to this AskReddit thread, nothing disillusions a “perfect relationship”.

Wondering what to do when your boyfriend gives away your Hamilton tickets? What about if you need advice on how to get your girlfriend to stop writing you so much poetry? Should I just cut my losses? He lied to me about having Leukemia. In a weird place emotionally and not sure what to do. In the hotel I used the Wifi and my laptop to search him on google and found his Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and his Tumblr.

Read more here. Me 34F with my BF 41M of 2 years.

8 Surprisingly Great Pieces of Marriage Advice Shared on Reddit

I thought that there must be parents that do a good job though. I want to be a good parent. Thousands of comments came in as people reflected on their childhoods. As a mom of young children, I am furiously taking notes.

I broke up with him in that phone call and went on to date the guy I had cheated on him This fuccking idiot mailed him a letter with all the details of what we did.

There’s nothing more exciting or promising than the start of a new relationship. Or they don’t think milk is a dairy product? It could even be enough to end the relationship. By Alexia LaFata. Ahhh, romance. What happens then Just take a look at some of these gems: I gave my ex a bj and the next day I woke up to him in a panic. I’m not ready to be a father. His response was He was serious. He thought “breast feeding” [sic] was just a way to hold a baby while giving it a bottle.

I told him he was an idiot and he said, with a disgusted sneer, “I didn’t know that because I have never known any woman, who had or would, breast feed [sic] their child. It’s so real.

10 Warning Signs That You Might Be An Idiot

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