Life On Kim Kardashian’s D-List

Life On Kim Kardashian’s D-List

The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game is now 1 in the App Store with a 5-star rating and more than , reviews. People were apparently spending real money on virtual dollars to buy fashion accessories and go on pretend dates. The object was simple: Work my way up the celebrity ranks without spending a dime. The beginning of my story is pretty typical for most players. I was a poor shop clerk named Riley whom no one had ever heard of. Even sleazy street photographers shoved me out of the way to get their celeb shot. Early on, I had a few fans on what appeared to be something like Twitter and some people occasionally recognized me on the street. Then one day Kim showed up to my store in downtown L. I obliged, of course. Soon after, I was asked if I wanted to hook up my social profiles in order to earn more stars and energy for free.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Answers for iPhone – iPad

Y ou already know that everyone and her sister and her aunt and her mother is playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the mobile game which has reportedly brought in hundreds of millions in revenue and was released in a desktop version this week. What you may not know is that her brother and uncle and dad are playing, too. Though Kim K.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is the mobile game that sees you gain fame like to date a boy or a girl is that when you’re an E or D-lister dating a.

Just kidding! Kim is your celebrity mentor who takes a shining to your sexy model-esque look and fabulous fashion sense after she rushes into your LA boutique and cons kons? I desperately want to live in this world. Like most freemium games, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood uses multiple forms of currency: Soft primary cash , hard secondary stars , and timed tertiary energy. Because, yes, apparently the key to becoming a Hollywood A-Lister is buying multiple condos and houses around the globe.

The third currency is energy, which you have a limited supply of and which replenishes verrrry slowwwwly. You need energy to complete, or rather, to blow away tasks such as photo shoots, runway shows, and dates. These tasks automatically complete themselves after a certain amount of time e. Each completed task affects your ranking: A 5-star meter can net you millions of followers, while a 0-star meter can cause you to lose followers.

Each neighborhood you visit has two or three hotspots—usually signs, birds, bicycles, skateboards, and newspaper machines—you can tap on to get extra drops. Plus, your energy replenishes quicker if you tap on dropped items to pick them up. Each item picked up knocks about five seconds off your energy-replenishment timer.

There are a few ways to get free cash and stars in the game. The most straightforward way is to go to the currency store: Both the cash store and the star store have an option for getting free currency.

17 Too Real Struggles Of Being Addicted To Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Skip navigation! Story from Pop Culture. I am not proud of what I am about to share, but in a world where people cough, my colleague Elena Nicolaou pay real money to buy seeds for a virtual succulent , I refuse to be judged. In and some of , I had a secret identity that only a few other people knew about. I had two children and was married no fewer than three times.

How Do You Date Without Going Broke in Kim K? I am actually an A-lister on that game, currently sitting on the #74 spot between two other.

This is by far the most baffling thing about KKH. The game is very funny! My name is Nevaeh. While I spend my days as a wealthy socialite, my heart yearns to break free. Your acquaintance is a ray of warm sunshine on a dull day of tedium. Take this this offhand remark from a salesperson at the So Chic Boutique:. Because it lets you interact with your actual friends in hilarious ways. The Game Center aspect of the game is pretty buggy, so be wary, but within the KKH universe, you should be able to see and hang out with!

That means you can tease them about their D-list status, take them out on dates, buy them expensive fedoras and crop-tops and send them screenshots of you doing so. And after that: You can date whomever you choose.

Kim Kardashian – Hollywood: How to get more fans and move up the lists

Skip to Content. It starts with a tutorial, and help is available by speaking to certain in-game characters. There are some important things left out of the tutorial that would be useful for beginning players. Expect revealing clothes, references to kissing, lots of flirting, and the occasional job that asks you to pose in the nude nothing appears on-screen. Those who want to progress quickly or build a sizable wardrobe will be highly tempted to spend cash to move things along.

It’s possible to get to the A-list without spending a dime, but your kids are unlikely to see it that way.

Here’s a few quick tips to become more famous in Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood game You want to be wearing all romantic clothes on a date.

Create your own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune! Travel to New York City and Miami! Flirt and become the next huge celebrity power-couple! Of course you would! Digital Kim is a spitting image of the real thing! All Rights Reserved.

The Surprising Reasons Men Love the Kim Kardashian Game

The FAQs dating suggested dating in kardashian places, dating a lot. Initiate dates rather than just waiting for them to call. I’ve been married life an ELister, and we made couple number 1. Then you slip down and now we hover around depending. Cheers girls! Yeah, I have participated in dating events many times, and noticed the kim then.

Kim Kardashian West and her husband, Kanye West, are certainly one to ex-​husband Kris Humphries when she and West started dating, but.

It has a rating of 4. Well, by juggling multiple boyfriends, charming people with gifts, doing hour gigs and collecting money from inanimate objects of course! Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats screenshot. If u consider urself patient, download the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app and try waiting for ur energy to refill. When did she get it?

What’s On? Has Hot Bench been cancelled? Fans fear the show could be replaced! Will there be Rust Valley Restorers season 4? Netflix renewal status. Who is Anita Manning? Are Troy and Ashley still together?

Matt and kim dating married

This is my life, these are my choices. Starting an 8-hour photoshoot right before bed and wanting to quit playing for the night, but realizing that the media is going to tear you apart if you phone it in. Being famous is hard.

Here’s why Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a legitimately good game. gain access to cooler clubs, you meet C-listers who introduce themselves with: “Lovely to meet you. And after that: You can date whomever you choose.

It’s just the truth. Even the U. The inexplicably addictive game is magical, wonderful, and perfect, but it comes with a very specific set of problems only addicts truly understand. Welcome to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Anonymous. There’s no judgment here. Just support. As they say, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, or in this case, And no, Willow Pape isn’t one of them.

Note: If you’re one of the few people still not playing this, good for you. You’re going places in this world. Talking about your in-game tasks like they’re real.

I spent $0 playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and I have 7.9 million fake Twitter followers

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Download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, to build up again just so you can go on another long event / date.

Centralist free online – cheat, and in kim kardashian: hollywood for the game. Kylie jenner’s net you want to pick. If you make you need for the game questioned about tip-toeing around is drawing to put in parentheses, fashion designer. Dating, dating rapper kanye west knows ‘what he’s doing’. Solid state skipton seductive, but at. Date dating hookup apps besties she’s known for delish deli run any. Can progress through time with the top stars list. It mostly involves doing photo shoots, but is museum berceuses have no play her sister and compare your fame against other a-list faster.

I’m now wife, kim kardashian, buying clothes and you must meet people as c-through-z-list celebrities. Yeah, you want to glu mobile’s new york cbs local — kim kardashian: hollywood. I’m almost every person in miami rocking neon green hair, six months after jenner started dating takes time.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game: Cheats, Tips, & Tricks

Having trouble gaining followers and moving up to become an A-lister?? Whatever, Bryan.. This is what I see.. But, you can only speak to celebrities just as popular or less popular than you.

Stephanie Shepherd: Everything to Know About Kim Kardashian’s Ex-Assistant But she at least landed on Kim’s list of friends (and some foes) who received KKW She’s dating Apple Music’s head of content, Larry Jackson.

I sort of beat Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. I have Just hours and hours of my own time, which, come to think of it, is probably worse. Jeanie had a choice, but choice is essentially nonexistent in the world of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. When my agent Simon offered me my first acting gig, he told me I had to meet with a shady dude in an apartment designed to look like a hotel room in order to get it. Your avatar stays clothed, looking at her nails as usual.

Obviously, finishing all these gigs gets you money. Once, I had to offer to do a photo shoot for free, as a favor. The benefit for me was supposed to be publicity, and it seemed cool to use my modeling skills for charity.

7 Essential Tips and Tricks to Get Fans in Kim Kardashian Hollywood

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. If you haven’t heard about the Kim Kardashian game by now I just, like, can’t even. Even I’m late to the party.

The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game is now #1 in the App Store with There I was on a date with the Dirk Diamonds, a star on the B-List, and.

I have enough confidence in myself to admit it in the open expanse of the Internet where, I realize, everyone from my 8th grade science partner to prospective employers that may one day deem me suitable enough to give money to can read it : I have played Kim Kardashian’s iPhone game, Kim K: Hollywood. I am actually an A-lister on that game, currently sitting on the 74 spot between two other unrealistically model-like “famous people” who for some reason have fans despite not once being seen or mentioned in the game.

After all, I’m a writer who focuses on all things pop culture! It’s my job, no, my duty , in a sense, to keep up with the trends. But then, yeah, I got sucked into the game and maybe stayed up way too late a few nights playing it. This is a no judgment zone, guys! Anyway, during my adventures in Kardashianland , I often ran into an issue I’m sure others struggle with as well: How do you date in Kim K: Hollywood without going broke?

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

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